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ISBN: 9781608446643
38 pages
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2010 – New Children’s Book Revs Up Motorcycle Riding, Friendship, Respect and Safety

Bikers Are Animals 2 - The Rest of the Crew: A Children’s Book on Motorcycling

is released by author Paul Jamiol

Motorcycles have long been the definition of “cool.” Animals who ride motorcycles are no exception. This second book in a series of books on motorcycle-riding animals expands on the author’s first book, which introduced cartoon animals on cool motorcycles to show children and adults that riding a motorcycle is fun, and that those involved in the sport are intelligent and caring. New characters, new motorcycles and new stories bring the author’s message into focus.

Bikers Are Animals 2 - The Rest of the Crew introduces 12 new characters including Sketch, a grey wolf who brings a pad and pencil with him when riding; Leenah, a raccoon who often will go wherever her motorcycle takes her; GT Charlie, a muskrat who tunes not only his guitar before playing but also his motorcycle before riding; and Classik, a coyote whose favorite things are old motorcycles and talking with older critters about their riding days. Colorful cartoons of each character bring them vividly to life. In addition to reading about these motorcycle lovers, there is section at the end of the book where children can copy and color line drawings of some of the characters. A summary of motorcycle safety rules and tips given by the characters provides further instruction for children and adults.

Author Paul Jamiol, an avid motorcyclist, has been cartooning and illustrating for over 40 years. His work, published in magazines, newspapers and on the internet, has been recognized locally, nationally and internationally. This unique book, edited by Linda Habib, is the second in a series of children’s books featuring animals who love to ride motorcycles. To learn more, visit

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Bikers are Animals 2 - The Rest of the Crew: A Children’s Book on Motorcycling
Paul Jamiol
Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 978-160844-664-3
38 pages

Available at Ingram, Baker & Taylor,, Barnes & Noble, Borders and fine bookstores everywhere

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BIKERS are ANIMALS 2 - The Rest of the Crew by Paul Jamiol is the second in a series of children's books that brings young readers into a world of animals that love to ride their motorcycles.

In the first book, the author introduced his cartoon animals on “cool” motorcycles to show children and parents that motorcycle riding is fun and that those involved in motorcycling are intelligent and caring. The Rest of the Crew takes children further into that world with all new colorful characters, new bikes and new stories. Jamiol's cartoon motorcycle world embraces a child's imagination and works to expand that imagination in a fun and entertaining way.

Each character has his/her own individual look and his/her own individual motorcycle. These animals are independent and love the freedom to be who they are. Kids will see that different species do get along and can thrive both by themselves and together. Some are large and some are small, but their pride in what they do is evident in all.

They are young and old, male and female, and their motorcycles are as different as they are. Skyla the bear takes pride in her new paint job and Rachet the turkey has no problem using his tools to help his fellow riders in need. Crag is an alligator who sees the value of leaving the swamp behind and hitting the open road. The reasons for doing what they love to do are also different and varied. For them, the experience of riding motorcycles, working on them or building them is to be shared with friends and family, and is another catalyst for strengthening the bonds of their friendships.

Jamiol did not talk down to kids in the first BIKERS are ANIMALS book and he stays with that premise in this book. He uses motorcycle terms when necessary and respects the intelligence of the young reader. There is humor and fun in each of his characters. Each one has a name as unique as they are. Several of these animals get together and dispense their thoughts and advice on safety and the positives of doing things right.

Once again, a walk into the Bikers are Animals Garage brings pages of line drawings of several of the characters. Here, the parent can photocopy the pages for the child and let them use their imagination and creativity to color them in for themselves.

BIKERS are ANIMALS 2 - The Rest of the Crew is an introduction to another group of unique characters that will show child and parent alike that those who live and ride in Jamiol’s motorcycle world are indeed animals, but animals of the best kind...positive, fun, independent and uplifting.


Motorcycling cartoonist Paul Jamiol has done it again with “Bikers Are Animals 2,” a sequel to his “Bikers Are Animals” published in November, 2009. Sub-titled “The Rest of the Crew,” Jamiol brings us another dozen endearing creatures who like to ride motorcycles, including Classik, a coyote who loves antique motorcycles, and Craig, an alligator who would rather ride than hang around a hot swamp all day. As with the first “Animals,” there is a coloring section with all the characters in line art. Jamiol's basic message is one of inclusiveness, joy, and the absence of prejudice. Every motorcyclist with small children or grandkids should gift them this book. It is fun and character-building in an entertaining way that children can enjoy.
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